Enclosed flat patio roof leak

Why Does My Patio Leak When It Rains and What Can I Do To Get My Patio Repaired?

Does your timber patios leak where it meets the fascia or the house every time it rains? Does it have a veritably small or non-existent sloped pitch? If the answer to these questions is yes, then we have a good idea of what the issue is and can give you tips on how to minimise and hopefully stop any rain leaking through your chosen undercover area.

Why Does My Patio Leak Water Every Time It Rains?

If your patio roof has a relatively small slope or ‘pitch’, it can allow water to sit for long periods of time instead of run down and away from the roof via the guttering and downpipes. This can allow a pooling of water to build up that your chosen roof sheeting may not be designed to handle (polycarbonate, alsonite) or allow wind driven rain to be pushed back up the way it shouldn’t. This is where you will tend to see leaks. Both of these issues are extremely common and can become major issues if you have any polycarbonate sheets or variations of this type of sheeting. The problem with polycarbonate sheeting is the lack of strength and the inability to handle the weight of the water sitting on top, causing them to collapse. It is not recommended to lay polycarbonate on any roof pitch lower than five degrees and there are maximum purlin spans that should not be exceeded, although this is a relatively common issue.

How Can I Stop or Minimise My Patio Leak?

When it comes to patio leaks of any type i will start by saying that instead of DIY you should call an experienced professional to minimise the impact that this may cause to your home, but if you wish to undertake this task then here are a few tips.

  • Use top ridge end-fill foam (some can be impregnated with tar)
  • Silicone seal the entire length of the patio where it meets the fascia or house
  • Ensure that the pan of each rib of sheeting is turned up at the edge where it meets the fascia or house (mainly applies to trimdeck, greca, 4/5 rib profiles of tin sheeting)
  • Have a custom made flashing made to extend from the gutter over where the patio attaches to the house and mould it to fit the sheeting (this will minimise wind driven rain)
  • Re design the patio to create ‘fall’ away from the house

The use of some or all of these factors will eliminate the leak and are standard industry best practice. If you are thinking about getting a patio built, then they should definitely be a major thought in the design process.

Who Can Fix My Roof or Patio Leak In Perth?

We here at Working Class Hands spend the majority of our working time devoted to finding roof leaks, fixing damaged patio sheeting, redesigning and building patios that give our customers no more roof leak issues. Patios are designed to be weatherproof and able to be utilised in all weather, with no water leaking anywhere within it’s covered area. That’s why it pays to get the job done the right way, first time!

If you have a roof or patio leak and need someone with experience to fix the problem, then give us a call today on 0414 985 605. We offer free quotes and trustworthy, reliable service.

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