Roof Leaks, Repairs and Maintenance In the Perth area

Roof Repairs

It is easy to forget to check the very thing that protects our biggest asset, our roof! Is your roof sheeting cracked, sagging or in need of replacing? Are broken tiles and ridge caps allowing water to enter your ceiling spaces? With our roof typically over our heads, we often forget to notice when such an important part of our house requires a bit of attention.

During the hot Australian summers, silicone seals expand and break their bonds allowing water to flow through during rainy days and create drip spots on the ceiling below. Valley tray edges can become flattened over time and allow heavy rains to run over the lips and into the ceiling space below. The pointing of your ridge capping should be sealed to the tiles and ensure that the ridge stays attached to the roof in high winds. If the ridge line is cracked or becomes loose, it should be re-pointed to create a tight waterproof seal.

You should have your roof checked by a professional at least once a year to ensure that gutters and valleys are free of debris, so they don’t allow water to backflow into your eaves or ceiling. Chimney flues, lead flashing and all protruding roof fixings should be checked to maintain the silicone bonds and weather seals remain intact. Roof tiles should be inspected for cracks and ridge capping should be re-pointed if loose to ensure your roofing stays firmly attached.

Working Class Hands can inspect and repair any roof leak and stop further water from entering your ceiling space. We can measure and fit new lead flashings, downpipes, valley trays or colourbond steel sheeting to ensure that rain stays on the outside of your roof space. We use quality Australian made products for all our roofing repairs to ensure a longer life span in our climate and less maintenance.

A quick inspection of your entire roof space now, will ensure that you don’t get water where it shouldn’t be. A little maintenance goes a long way to keeping your biggest asset secure and dry through the wet season. Call Working Class Hands today on 0414 985 605 for a free quote about the roof leak repair & roof maintenance project in Perth.

We can help you with the following services:

  • Broken Ridge cap and Tile Replacement
  • Cement Loose Ridge Capping
  • Downpipes and Gutter Pops
  • Patio Sheeting Replacement
  • Silicone Sealants and Seals
  • Ridge Capping Re-pointing
  • Gutter Guard Installation
  • Valley Iron Replacement
  • Roof Leaks and Repairs
  • Whirlybird Installation
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Roof Flashing

Reliable Handyman

We know our customers lead busy lifestyles and that is why we guarantee to arrive on time, every time. We use top quality products and guarantee our workmanship meets the highest industry standards, so you can enjoy life with one less thing to worry about.

Because we charge for time, we use the best tools and equipment to complete our work in the fastest, most efficient way. We supply all materials and offer a pick-up and delivery service for your convenience. We clean up after every job and remove all rubbish.

Our business is customer service and our focus is to provide complete customer satisfaction from the moment we take your call. We advise you on a suitable solution for your budget and provide a free written quote. We research new products and methods of application constantly in order to exceed our customers’ expectations.
For handyman services, home repair or general property maintenance, give Working Class Hands a call today on 0414 985 605 and ask us what we can do for you.

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