Rusted Iron Shed Removal

Why You Should Inspect Your Property

How long has it been since you had a good look at your patio, pergola, fence or shed? If the answer to that is too long, then it may be time to have a good look at whether or not these structures require any maintenance or repair. Most fencing, patio or pergola posts are in contact with soil and concreted in the ground, which can lead to either rot or rust depending on the material they are made of.

When installed, the footings end up catching water under the soil because they are flat instead of sloped away from the post and so the post is actually sitting in water most of the time! If the structure of your patio or pergolas in Perth is showing signs of rot or rust and nothing is done to correct it within a suitable timeframe, this will eventually lead to failure of the entire structure or possibly even worse!

How to know if my patio or pergola requires maintenance?

The difference between repair or demolition of any structure is in direct relation with the amount of maintenance and care that has been taken to prolong the life of the materials in question. Keeping the base of posts clear of material that will break it down quicker is a good starting point, like creating a sloped concrete footing allows water to roll away from the post instead of collecting on top of the footing under the soil.

Tar on posts can also help prevent breakdown by making an impenetrable barrier. Regular cleaning, priming and painting can help prolong the life of most products, but when the structure is at the end of its lifespan, the only thing left to do is remove completely or replace. We can help you with any of your maintenance issues, check out our services page:

What to check for on you structure to ensure it remains in good condition?

As with any structure, the first things to look for are the main supports, such as footings, posts, beams and rafters. If you notice any rusted fittings, loose or wobbly posts, rotten beams or paint flaking, these can all be a sign that your structure requires some maintenance. These components are all hugely important in providing structural integrity and they should not be left unchecked for too long.

In regards to the roofing elements of any structure, these items also act like a barrier for possible water ingress or other types of elemental damage, such as strong winds. If the roofing materials are sheeted and they are flapping about, this is an indicator that the sheeting or the fixing materials have failed. A good question to ask is whether the correct fixing method was used and possibly learning from the failing of said materials. Living near the beach for example, can rust metal out in almost half the time it would take elsewhere.

Patio Demolition, Who do I call to remove my patio, pergola or shed?

Working Class Hands provide a complete dismantle, demolish and removal service to most patio, pergola, shed or outdoor structure you can think of and we take care of the lot! We can demolish and remove your timber, steel or brick structure, including the footings and concrete pad. We will leave the site ready for any new design you may have planned, ensuring your next build goes together without any hidden problems arising later. Check out our services here: