Flat Pack Furniture Being installed

Ikea Flat Pack Furniture Assembly, Installation and Customisation

Have you gone to Ikea or some other furniture retailer recently in search of the perfect flat pack solution for your home? Did you search through the endless possibilities of customisable options and just scratched your head? Are you confident in putting together and installing flat packs? These are the questions you should ask yourself if you are planning on assembling your own flat pack furniture and if you are unsure then i would definitely recommend using a flat pack installer near you.

Can I Install Flat Pack Furniture By Myself?

If you are at the just looking phrase of buying furniture in flat pack format, then this is a good place to ask a few questions of yourself before making your purchase.

  • Will this item fit my space? As in opening doors, length, width and height.
  • Can i fit this item in my vehicle or do i require home delivery?
  • Can i assemble this by myself or do i need another person to help?
  • Do i have the required tools to put a flat pack kit together safely?
  • Does this piece of furniture require fixing to the wall, cutting to size or some other customisation to make it fit my desired space?
  • Have i got ALL of the correct items (if buying from ikea) to create the flat pack solution that i require?

If you answer no to any of these questions or even are unsure about any of them, then i suggest you call a qualified flat pack installer to help find the right solution for your application. These tradespeople can help measure, give ideas and generally think of issues you may not even think of such as clearances from objects for doors etc. There is a reason that these people exist and when it comes to assembling and installing flat pack furniture, one size definitely does not fit all!

How Do I Find A Qualified Flat Pack Installer Near Me?

Simple, google flat pack installer near me and you shall receive. Google (or any search engine on the internet) offers a curated list of the most relevant tradespeople to your query and even offers a map as to their locations. Don’t be afraid to ring a few and get ideas on price and availability, but not all services are created equal so it pays to do some research before making your final choice.

Working Class Hands is a qualified flat pack assembler providing by the hour rates to build and install your chosen pieces/s of furniture. We can measure your space and provide a solution for your flatpack furniture needs. We carry a whole range of screws and wall fixings to secure your new items and ensure that your furniture stays where you want it.

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