Plaster and Skirting Repair

Water Damage From Leaking Shower?

Every house has a shower and some have more than one, so what do you do when the shower starts leaking into the wall cavity? Do you call a maintenance handyman or a professional?

We recommend that your first step should be to call a plumbing repair company (not us, as we do not specialize in plumbing) and get the leak checked before it causes any more damage. Once you have had the leak diagnosed and rectified, you may be left with a paint bubbled, waterlogged wall and floor area. So what should you do?

First of all, remove any damaged floor coverings, fixtures and any bubbled paint or plaster from the wall to allow the area to dry sufficiently. When the area is dry you are ready to start patching up the area and depending on the floor covering to be replaced, (carpet, tile, laminate or timber) it is best to plaster the walls first before laying new flooring. Once the walls are plastered, we recommend using a good quality oil-based sealer because they create a strong bond with the plaster and increase the hardness of the finished product.

When the walls are sealed, relay the flooring and skirting before you begin the final coat, most skirting can be bought pre-primed. If you follow these simple steps, it will reduce the hassle of having to tape-up or tarp and clean every area and will help make the task relatively pain free.

These pictures are of some water damaged walls and skirting boards from a recent job in Ocean Reef. We skim coated the walls using hardwall plaster and bagged lime putty, before we refit the new skirting. Please note that this job was completed over multiple days to allow the plaster to harden and set properly. Failure to do so may cause the skirting to absorb excess moisture from the wall and eventually buckle, essentially undoing all your hard work.

If you have water damage to your roof, walls or any fixtures and you require the services of a local, reliable handyman in Perth, then Working Class Hands is the service for you. We operate throughout Perth and can assist you with any job large or small.