Valley Tray In Place

Roof Leaks or Roof Maintenance?

Roof Leaks? Staining on your eave sheets? The most common problems I see when customers tell me they have a leak on their eave sheets is either a faulty valley tray or down-pipe and all you have to do to prevent it is….. a little maintenance!
Funny that, but how often do you go up on your roof or inspect the area? Once a year, every few years or never? Most people don’t think about their roof because it is out of sight and therefore out of mind, but the most important part of your house structure is your roof, so protecting that is in your best interests as a home owner.
This customer has a valley tray with the lip edges almost flat, meaning any water caught by them normally would go straight over the edges and into the roof space and as you can see from the pictures the lip is separated completely from the tray. 
The remedy for this was to install a new tray and being that the house is 25 years old, the new trays are much wider than the old ones which give the valley the ability to handle much more water.

This tray will now last much longer and work much more efficiently than before, giving the customer peace of mind. If you have any staining on your ceilings, leak spots, you hear water dripping into your roof or just want some information about your roof in general, then give Working Class Hands a call today on 0414 985 605. We offer handyman service in Scarborough and all through the western suburbs of Perth.