Colourbond Gate Repair

Side Gate Repair

We recently had a call out to a damaged gate repair job in Ellenbrook, This was a rental property requiring maintenance to a side gate that was being slammed due to high winds. The wind had slammed the gate so hard that the bricks that the fixing bolts were fastened into were completely split apart.

We took the gate and post off, jack-hammered the excess mortar out and re-bedded two new bricks. Due to the setting time of the cement, we had to come back the next day to drill and fasten the new post and gate. We also installed a side latch on the open end to stop the wind being able to slam the door and destroy the brickwork again.

The customer was extremely happy with the result. If you have any damaged gate, post or fence maintenance required or would like something completely different installed, give Working Class Hands a call today on 0414 985 605.Brickwork and Gate Damaged By Storm
Brickwork and Gate Damaged By Storm