Repairing A Perth Roof

Roof Repairs & Damage

With winter finally here, it is easy to forget to check the very thing that protects our biggest assets, our roof! It is important to check our gutters, valleys and roof repair in Perth to ensure that any sealants are still in check to reduce the chance of water ingress into our ceiling space.

During the hot Australian summers, silicone seals expand and break their bonds allowing water to trickle through and create drip spots on the Gyproc ceilings below. Valley tray edges can become squashed and allow heavy rains to run past the edges and straight into the ceiling spaces below, these should be inspected at least every winter to ensure that this does not happen. The pointing on all ridge capping should be intact and ensure that the ridge stays attached to the roof in high winds and does not allow water to seep in, if the ridgeline looks loose then it should be re-pointed to create a tight seal again.

A little maintenance now may reduce the chances of a larger problem occurring later. Call us today on 0414 985 605 and we can thoroughly check your roof and ensure your house stays dry through this wet season.