Gate Installation- Jarrah

Fence and Gate Repairs Perth

Most homes older than 10 years will have some problem with the fences and gates that surround their property at some stage, with all requiring maintenance to keep them working as they were originally intended. During the winter season, it is not uncommon to have gates and fences come loose or fall down, leaving the property unsecured and vulnerable to unwanted intruders. The availability of products for fences, posts, rails and screens is massive and to install new or custom made is cheaper than you may think.

We recently repaired a side gate to one of our customer’s properties that was damaged due to high winds. The gate hinges were attached to a brick pillar and the swinging action of the gate in the wind ripped the gate hinges right out of the brickwork, damaging both the pillar and the gate. We had a custom jarrah gate fabricated to suit the existing space and chose new, more appropriate hinges to suit the damaged brick pillar. To ensure that this didn’t happen again, we installed a jarrah front stop and side latch that would restrain the gate whilst open.

Preventative maintenance is always better than reactive maintenance once the worst has happened and can save you thousands of dollars in some instances. If you have a gate or fence in need of repair or you are just after a new look for your property, then give Working Class Hands a call today on 0414 985 605 and let us take care of all hard work or maintenance requirements Perth!

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