Tile Removal and Bathroom Demolition

Home Renovation Demolition D-I-Y

When it comes to demolition of any kind, all it takes is a bit of knowledge, a medium length of time and a lot of energy! So, if you have been planning that new bathroom or kitchen renovation and want to save some money, then why not give the demolition a go yourself?

Preparation, Demolition and Rubbish Removal

As with all things, preparation is key, so get your tape measure out and make a volumetric measurement of everything you plan on getting rid of in order to determine what size skip bin you require for rubbish removal in Perth. That is unless you are going to make multiple trips to the tip or utilize some other method of getting rid of your construction waste. The more detailed your measurements, the more you will save because who wants to pay for something they won’t use, right?

The areas you are working in should be isolated or disconnected completely by a licensed tradesman such as a plumber or electrician where required and this step should be followed to ensure yours and anyone working in the area’s safety. Remember, when it comes to electricity and safety, don’t take any chances!

Most of the tools required for demolition work can be hired and unless you have the requirements for these items later, it will almost always be cheaper to hire them. Make a list of all the tasks required to complete the works, such as stripping tiles off the walls, knocking down brick walls or cracking out concrete. This will help you break down the list of tools specific to those tasks such as a jackhammer or a sledgehammer.

If you are unfamiliar with how to do a certain task, research it first! There is an abundance of knowledge available through the internet with how-to videos or step by step instructions.

Demolition Day

When you are ready to start stripping out or knocking down structures, ensure that anything you plan on keeping is covered, padded or protected in some way to prevent accidental damage. Always wear safety equipment such as steel capped boots, safety glasses and hearing protection as a minimum. Don’t take chances with your body or your health.

Use your tools and equipment the correct way at all times and everything should go smoothly. Just remember to take it easy doing heavy lifting or dangerous tasks and get someone to help for anything that is too hard for you to manage on your own.

Skip Bins and Rubbish Removal

Skip bins come in all different shapes and sizes, just make sure you do your research on what you can and can’t throw in them. Items like asbestos are strictly controlled and governed by laws, it’s best if you let licensed removalists handle that type of work.

Cost is always a consideration and each bin company will have a different price, so shop around before you purchase, the difference can be substantial. Some companies will advertise bin dimensions on their websites and if they don’t, ask them. They may say a volumetric size but the bin they deliver may not add-up to your expectations.


When planning any demolition yourself, always abide by local laws, isolate any power and water services, wear appropriate safety equipment and look out for the safety and well being of anyone working on the task with you. It doesn’t take much to hurt someone in this type of scenario and almost all of it can be prevented if proper prevention methods are put in to place.