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General Contractor Vs. Handyman

Can you try to imagine a scenario where there is something that needs to be fixed in your home? It can be something structural or has to do with general maintenance. Do you reach out to a general contractor or a handyman Perth? This could be a confusing decision to make, especially to first-time homeowners. If you’re not sure of the person to hire then this guide is for you.

There are different circumstances that could necessitate the hiring of the two options. When it comes to the repairs in the home, you’ll obviously not want to compromise the quality so that you’re not experiencing the same problems again.

Who is a Licensed Contractor?

Such a person will either be registered or licensed by an independent government body. The contractor will need to maintain the certifications by meeting a number of requirements. This shows that they’ve passed the necessary exams and are completely qualified to do the job. A licensed contractor will have to be tested for competency before they’re allowed to work. This is also the only way in which they can get liability insurance. They are standards that are supposed to be met that should be within the stipulated regulations.

For a handyman, there are no regulations to keep up with and there are no laws that require them to do what a contractor does. It should be noted that that doesn’t necessarily mean that a handyman is less skilled. A job that will require a license will automatically disqualify a handyman. Everyone could claim to be a handyman in Joondalup. The majority of them will be highly competent and possess the skills but there isn’t a lot you can do without a license.

Who Do You Hire?

If it is a small project, you can consider working with a handyman. If it is a special project, it is important that you’re searching for a licensed contractor. This is because their expertise will be required at different phases of the project.

The Difference

A handyman is likely to charge by the day or hour and will be cheaper than a licensed contractor. There are limitations to what a handyman can do in some states. In California for example, a handyman can only do up to $500 for a single project. As such, a handyman will be required to go through the necessary training and exams in order to be considered a licensed contractor.

Hiring a Contractor or a Handyman

Before you can hire either of the two options, make sure that you’re doing research on their experience. Avoid working with a handyman that visits your home uninvited. For a home improvement project, it is recommended that you’re looking at least three bids. This is to enable you to get a fair estimate of the pricing and the kind of services that you can expect. Don’t forget to ask about references if you truly want to measure the experience of the contractor or handyman. For more information on the topic, you can check out

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