Solar panel Installation Causing Roof Leaks

Cheap Solar Panel Installations Cause Roof Leaks

Have you been thinking about solar panels for your home? Maybe you have been approached by door knockers offering ‘no payment upfront’ installs and everything just sounds like a really good idea, But is it really? Solar panels are an excellent way to save money on your electricity bills and can even in some instances make you money. What is the real cost of these deals and what should you be aware of when dealing with these companies? I see roof leak issues almost daily in my line of work and with this in mind, here are some of the main points to think about when researching solar for your home.

What Guarantees Do They Have On Their Workmanship?

This question I believe is important to ask because in my experience, the people installing the systems aren’t roofers. It is not uncommon for them to break tiles, creating roof leak issues through poor installation methods and even leave tiles out completely! I have seen some ridiculous things in my work, and have even experienced them on my own home. I built a home that came with a solar system installed and when I decided to check my own roof, what I found wasn’t good. roof maintenance I discovered the rail that the panels attach to, had been tightened so much the tile underneath cracked. Not only did they not replace the tile, they didn’t even silicone the break and water was dripping into my roof.

I was recently called out to a customers home, who had their solar panels installed a week previous. The ceiling inside was just starting to show bubbling of the paint inside and they called me to inspect their roof in case there was any more issues. I discovered a tile had been left open sitting right there on the roof. I also found six more broken tiles, tiles moved up out of their designated position to install panel rails and ridge capping put on upside down! The ridge cap was fully open on the sides, with silicone slapped on but not covering the whole gap. I thought, why even bother if it is not going to stop water from entering?

cheap solar panel installation causes roof leak cheap solar panel cheap solar panel cheap solar panel Tile left out during solar panel installation

How Much Is This System Really Going To Cost If I Have To Repair My Roof?

The age old saying goes ‘you get what you pay for’, and this definitely rings true in this case. This customer was approached by a door knocker and offered the no money upfront, solar credits scheme. Now this is just one case, but let me tell you it is far from being a one off when it comes to roof leak issues and roof repair works in Perth! I have seen many examples of poor quality workmanship standards and it is often the customers, who get stuck with the repair bill.

Roof Leaks, Roof Repair and Maintenance

I always talk about the importance of getting your roof inspected, but I can’t stress this point enough. If you have anyone complete work on your roof, check the roof yourself or contact an experienced, trustworthy person. It may well save you a lot of headache and money. Working Class Hands is an experienced roof leak repair based in Padbury and we offer our services to the northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. We offer roof inspections, honest advice and quality service.