How Much Does A Handyman Charge

How Much Does A Handyman Charge?

How much does a handyman in Perth charge? This is probably the first thing that you’ll ask yourself when you need something repaired around the house. The next thing you’ll wonder is what exactly a handyman can do. The answer isn’t always as simple as you may think because when it comes to maintenance and repair, every job is unique.

For general handyman work such as paving repair, plaster patching, hanging decorations, painting and other simple maintenance tasks, the cost can range from $50-$80 per hour, but work that is more specialised can range much higher. This extra cost is due to many factors such as experience, quality of workmanship, insurance costs and difficulty of the actual job.

But what if I pay cash, you ask? This is where you take a massive risk and to be honest, the cheaper rate for you doesn’t always bring with it the quality that should be expected from a legitimate payment to a professional business. When you pay cash, the person completing the job does not pay any income tax and/or GST on that income and therefore may deny completing any works and argue that they have no responsibility to correct any faulty workmanship.

Gumtree, Hipages, Service Seeking, Air Tasker and various other crowd sourcing, cheaper alternatives to traditional businesses are diminishing the
quality of workmanship that you can expect when you look to them to provide your home repairs and maintenance. This is because you are not always getting an experienced professional and the cost definitely reflects this.

So the next time you need some works done around your home take your time to do your research and ask lots of question such as:

  • Are they insured if something were to go wrong?
  • Do they guarantee their workmanship and for how long?
  • Are the products that they use good quality and how long will they last?

A bit of research and a few questions can be the difference between a large headache later when it comes to fixing a poor job.

Now i’m not saying that just because you pay cash you will get a bad job, I am saying to do your research thoroughly before making any decision based solely on price and as the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for” is not understatement. Professional businesses pay insurance, taxes, wages, superannuation and advertising. It costs money to run a successful business! When you choose a business or trade service, you usually deal with the owner and can make a reasonable assumption of their quality standards just by talking to them. If a person takes pride in their business, their appearance and their customer service, then it is relatively easy to assume that they take pride in their workmanship and quality standards as well.

Working Class Hands is a professional, reliable, handyman providing complete home maintenance and repair services to the Perth community. We are committed to offering excellent customer service through our down-to-earth advice, the use of quality materials and the implementation of industry best practices in everything that we do. Simply put, if we can’t do it to the best of our ability, using the best products or to the highest standards, we don’t do it. We understand that our customer’s homes are their largest asset and we treat every job as if it were our own. So the next time you need a trustworthy handyman or you simply want to ask a question, pick up the phone and give Working Class Hands a call on 0414 985 605.

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