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We love what we do at Working Class Hands and it shows with us recently receiving a top 10 review for roof repairers in Perth, Western Australia! Roof repairs makes up sixty percent of the work that we do consistently, whether it be roof leaks, repointing, valley tray replacement, gutter cleaning or patio and pergola refurbishments throughout Perth, we can fix the problem. We aim to find a suitable solution for our customers’ budget and complete the works within an adequate timeframe to ensure peace of mind. We know that our customers homes are the source of a great deal of stress and we aim to help out in any way possible.


Roof Leaks and Maintenance


We offer no obligation free quotes on roof repairs in Perth and we will have a good look at each job to assess any outlying issues. We keep our customers informed throughout the whole process and offer honest feedback when figuring on a solution. As each home is built differently, they all have differing amounts of issues, most of which can be re-engineered to work better. We spend the time required to assess each job and try to ensure that we get it right, although sometimes there may be nothing that can be done. Roof leaks or repair can be extremely difficult when it comes to colorbond roofing or home extensions/ additions. Whenever you decide to add something to an existing structure such as a patio or new room, it is essential that you think first of the ability of the existing roof and guttering to handle a downpour.

One problem we see often is a framed patios constructed against an opposing a framed roof with no upgrade to the gutter system. This creates massive roof leaks because they have two opposing streams meeting in the middle and not enough exits to allow the water to escape. One way to combat this is to install a box gutter system that is much wider than the standard gutter and fit multiple downpipes along the length of the patio. Roughly every 3m should be adequate spacing if possible and although this may cost much more, this is a surefire way to stop any rainwater from backflowing into the soffit lining. Like all things, you get what you pay for and if you go for budget builds, you will get budget problems which could be more than the initial savings!

We offer budget service but we utilise quality products and if we cannot guarantee the works of the materials involved, we will not accept the job. Everything in this life costs, except good customer service. We don’t charge extra for advice and we certainly wouldn’t put something up that we would on our own property. We guarantee all our workmanship and will gladly fix any issues if we are at fault.

For all your roof repair, maintenance, patio and pergola building needs throughout Perth, give Working Class Hands a call today on 0414 985 605.

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Top Roof Repair Handyman Perth