Roof and Ridge Pointing


For all roof leaks, repair and maintenance in Perth Give Working Class Hands a call before the problem develops into something major. We offer a 24 hour call out for roof leak repairs.

The roof area is probably one of the most overlooked parts of any house and because we don’t inspect it as often as we should, it can often become neglected. Not only is our roof structure the most important part of the house, it is the one thing that protects our possessions and ourselves from the elements. It is recommended to have your entire roof surface inspected once a year, preferably before winter to ensure any loose ridge capping, cracked tiles and broken weather seals are repaired to reduce the chance of water from entering our roof space.

Ridge capping is the main spine that runs along the top peaks of our tiles and is secured down by cement bedding and an elastic waterproof mortar mix that covers, seals and bonds the ridge line to the top row of tiles. If the ridge line is cracked, loose or has moved from its bed, chances are the ridge capping is in danger of coming away in high winds and exposing your internal ceiling to possible water damage.

Working Class Hands can inspect your entire roof surface, advise you on preventative maintenance and correct any issues you may have. We offer a complete service and can re-point your entire ridge line if required. We use quality Australian made products designed to withstand our harsh weather conditions and are available in a range of colours.

We replace any broken or damaged tiles and ridge caps before re-pointing to ensure that a quality bond is maintain on your roof space.

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We can help you with the following services:

  • Roof Leak Repairs and Maintenance
  • Broken Tile Replacement
  • Cement Loose Capping
  • Ridge Cap Re-pointing
  • Replace Valley Trays
  • Roof Inspections
  • Gutter Repair
  • Downpipes

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We know our customers lead busy lifestyles and that is why we guarantee to arrive on time, every time. We use top quality products and guarantee our workmanship meets the highest industry standards, so you can enjoy life with one less thing to worry about.

Because we charge for time, we use the best tools and equipment to complete our work in the fastest, most efficient way. We supply all materials and offer a pick-up and delivery service for your convenience. We clean up after every job and remove all rubbish.

Our business is customer service and our focus is to provide complete customer satisfaction from the moment we take your call. We advise you on a suitable solution for your budget and provide a free written quote. We research new products and methods of application constantly in order to exceed our customers’ expectations.
For handyman services, home repair or general property maintenance, give Working Class Hands a call today on 0414 985 605 and ask us what we can do for you.

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