Installation of kids play equipment

Kids Play Equipment

For those of us who have kids or who are still kids at heart, ask yourself this, who doesn’t love playground equipment? Taking us back to the days when we used to perform ‘apple turnovers’ from the tops of the monkey bars or climbing up the firemans pole instead of down, the possibilities for play, exploration and physical excercise were limited only by our imagination.

Today, technology has taken over and our children are suffering (not to mention us adults), due to lack of physical activity or even just sunlight. So what is the answer to this? Why not buy or build a cubbyhouse, swing, trampoline or a set of monkey bar play equipment. There is a big market for these products and some good deals to be had, all you need to do is find them.

What Type of Play Equipment Should I Buy?

So what type of play equipment should you buy? The answer to this depends on three things; How much you want to spend, how much space you have available and what do your children like to do?

Money always has to be considered first because this will give you a clear idea of what your budget can afford (assuming you have space for it of course!). There are many cheap options when it comes to swing sets, slides and even trampolines. Monkey Bars, solid climbing frames and cubbyhouses are at the upper end of the dollar spectrum though and usually come in at around $1000 starting points for basic products.

The space you have should be well considered because even if you allow for the size of the product, have you considered the extra space around the perimeter to allow your children to climb, run, swing, jump and scream without upsetting the neighbours or your own peace and quiet? Having space around your selected area helps to limit any danger from injuries or buyers remorse and when making the decision to purchase play equipment, it pays to choose carefully. If you don’t own a tape measure and are thinking of buying these products, i suggest you buy one.

Last of all to consider is ‘What would my children like or actually use?’. There is no point buying a swing if they want a trampoline and so maybe ask them what they would really want (and weigh up how much they would use it versus how much it costs).

What Should I Look For When Purchasing Play Equipment?

Not all products are created equally, so before buying you should thoroughly do your research. Look for things like stability (wind, kids falling off or the equipment toppling over), quality of materials, how long will it last and weight ratings. A cubbyhouse may look great but if it has only been designed to handle 40kg of weight, it definitely won’t stand up (pun intended) to years of use.

Quality of materials is something i always scrutinise and should be a major consideration for any parent. Cheap products are just that, cheap! It pays to look at the fixings used and how strong it will be when in use by children (ie: monkeys). You do get what you pay for, so it pays to shop around. Look for factory direct products and avoid re-sellers where possible. Not only can you get all your questions answered when dealing direct, you also get peace-of-mind and sometimes at a nice discount.

I Don’t Know How To Install or Build Anything?

Don’t worry, most of us started out with no idea what we were doing, luckily most products come with instructions (hmm) and at least some of the tools required. All it takes is your time and lots (and i mean lots) of patience. I recently installed the ‘Cheeky Little Monkey’ play set from Funky Monkey and i was very impressed with the quality of their product, this price ($1525) and the stability (I checked this for myself). This set took 4 hours, but required levelling of the outrigging legs to ensure that everything stayed stable which may prove difficult to the inexperienced.

Funky Monkey was created by local Perth Dad, Shane Roberts in 2011 and sells direct to customers throughout the world. Shane was joined by Colin Burdle a structural engineer in 2014 and together they have created a whole range of gymnastic inspired monkey bar and climbing sets to suit all ages. I am in no way affiliated with this company, but i will always endorse the use of quality products (especially Australian made).

Unboxing of Monkey Bar Set
Checking the contents of the ‘Cheeky Little Monkey’ kids play equipment before installing.

Kids Play Equipment, Swing Set and Monkey Bar Installers Perth

If you need play equipment, swing sets, monkey bars or a cubby house designed, built, picked up, delivered and installed in the Perth suburbs, we can help. Working Class Hands will work with your budget and to your specifications to bring your kids dream play set to life. We can build that cubbyhouse, swing, trampoline, monkey bar set and even your backyard gym equipment! Give us a call today on 0414 985 605 for a free quote or if you just want to ask questions. Building is our business and we love what we do!