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We love to maintain homes at Working Class Hands and when we aren’t working, we love to discuss better ways of doing things! Our passion is building and we love to share our passion with like-minded people. Being a handyman in Perth allows us to work on a variety of different projects using different materials and learning new skills everyday.

The building industry is constantly evolving and the range of products available for home improvement is growing rapidly. We now live in the age of home automation with television programs and the internet giving people access to a variety of information that would previously have only been available to tradespeople. This now gives the average person the ability to have a go at home improvement for themselves and we would like to help broaden those horizons.

Handyman Tips

When it comes to our homes there should only be one way of doing things, and that is the right way. As a handyman, I see a huge variety of the problems people face with their homes and poor workmanship may lead to larger issues, cost and more stress. We aim to offer not only honest advice, but also provide a reliable maintenance and handyman service for your home.

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Colourbond Gate Repair

Side Gate Repair

We recently had a call out to a damaged gate repair job in Ellenbrook, This was a rental property requiring maintenance to a side gate that was being slammed due to high winds.

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Repairing A Perth Roof

Roof Repairs & Damage

With winter finally here, it is easy to forget to check the very thing that protects our biggest assets, our roof! It is important to check our gutters, valleys and roof repair in

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Patio Repairs Mullaloo

Patio Repair

A patio or deck can be a great asset to a property and a beautiful space in which you can spend time with the people who matter most in your life.

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Internal Sliding Doors Custom Made

Sliding Door

Winter is finally here – with all the rain and heavy wind to go with it, not to mention the cold! We try everything we can to keep warm in our homes and there is no greater w

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Renovation and Demolition


The renovation revolution is everywhere with all the television shows depicting the average family completing beautiful makeovers to create their dream spaces.

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